Типи харчування в готелях

Ну все, сезон відпусток офіційно відкрито. Про те, що ми будемо пити, визначимося дорогою, а от із харчуванням інакше. Потрібна стратегія. Отже, поговоримо про умовні позначення, які допомагають європейцям розуміти, про який режим йдеться.

RO – room only – дослівно перекладається як «тільки номер». Синоніми, до речі: AO (accommodation only), або OB (only bed), що означає: тільки проживання, тільки ліжко-місце.

Том Ям Porsche'нь
Коли чоловіки приміряють образ інста-дів, вони замовляють Том Ям. Їдять, фотографують, просять рецепт, замовляють знову. Бо він на всі дні відбирає спокійні ночі – справжня любов. Все настільки цікаво, що у світі створюються фан-клуби поціновувачів супу – усі хочуть жити щонайменше 83 роки, як тайці. Том Ям, мабуть, найяскравіший приклад культури харчування, виплеканої в цій країні, і має декілька форматів. Як український борщ, але радикально варіативно.
Off-road Second floor
Repair - the business is endless. But with the successful experience of the seven establishments in the hotel and restaurant sector, the network restaurant managers have learned to accelerate the time. The "closed for repair" signboard on the second floor of the "Offroad" restaurant had not yet managed to pass the baptism of the rain, but already lost its expediency. So, in April, a hall for banquets was opened - and a series of holidays began. To reserve a date for this generous holiday season, call 0673807309.
Off-road: what's new?
Already on the first day after the opening, the residents of the hotel asked: "Well, does it finally work?" Indeed, surviving a few weeks without your favorite dishes was over-tasked! In order to see the result as soon as possible, it was worthwhile to live here - moreover, with the whole team. "For the last few weeks before the opening, there was no thought of rest," says Valery Alexandrovich, the head of the complex - and time to get into the office. Therefore, calculations later, and now - the result: the concept, a new menu, repair "
Banquet vs Buffet
One frivolous menu flutter, and a festive buffet turns into a banquet! Why do guests come to the canopies and stop at Olivier? Differences in banquets from buffet tables, menu dishes, menu categories, table attributes - all this will try to sort out.
Top soups in the winter season
Traditionally, Ukrainian borsch takes the first place - an ideally balanced dish with high content of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
We invite you to celebrate the New Year's corporations
To the attention of our guests: on the territory of the country complex "4x4" you can spend unforgettable corporations! Two restaurants offer a fun and authentic show program! Competitions, gifts, high-quality alcohol and exclusive cuisine.
Call 0676767444, Porschene and 0673807309 - Offroad
Business for a decade or a half, or how to turn the car service into a restaurant.
The classic history of hotel and restaurant business - all embodied in "4x4", from the concept of roadside motel to a powerful tourist center in the Rivne region. About all this they spoke with Valeriy Romanovich, the leader of the complex, taking the topic of ecological tourism, city planning, cooperation with local residents and long winters, when the whole complex is covered with a layer of snow, and the solution of vital issues depends on the enthusiasm of the collective, some of which are working here for decades.